Shop Marketing International

  • Are your sales standards applied uniformly in all countries?
  • Do you need a solid foundation for the content of trainings in the individual countries? What sales-related potential remains untapped?
  • Do you need facts for a Europe-wide or worldwide country competition?

Mystery Shopping is the most efficient way to receive feedback on the sales performance. Done properly, test purchases raise the motivation and the further development of the sales team.

Since Shop Marketing Consulting first entered the market in 1993, we have been able to develop ourselves to the quality leaders in this business line. In addition, the company works intensively with neuromarketing since the turn of the millennium. We use the findings of the psychology of selling and brain research in all of our test systems, but especially in our trainings and coachings.

Through our comprehensive test programs, we have a team of experienced, well educated and strongly committed staff. Instead of troops of students we train persons that are representative of the broad spectrum of population. Moreover, we afford ourselves the luxury of personal briefings of testers. For that reason we know every employer personally!
A conscientious indoor-service team ensures effective project controlling. Additionally, a mature database is available which guarantees a maximum amount of data security. Through an internet application which is linked to the database you will be able to follow up on the current project status on a daily basis.
A few years ago we set ourselves the goal to work for the most successful companies. We did achieve this goal successfully not just in the retail sector but also in tourism, gastronomy and the hotel industry, as well as in the branded-goods industry.

We gladly support you in the implementation of the test results through our certified sales and motivation trainers. Furthermore, we will assist you with individual tailored training „on the job“ with our local sales coaches!

Professionalism creates confidence and confidence wins!

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